Review about the best Private Pilot kits for student

For aspiring pilots, investing in a comprehensive and reliable student pilot kit is paramount. A kit should not only contain the necessary tools for flight training but also offer educational resources that help clarify and enrich the learning process.

Jeppesen, Gleim, and ASA are renowned names in the aviation world, and each offers a student pilot kit. But which one is right for you? Let’s dive deep and compare these three leading kits.

Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit

Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit review

Jeppesen, a Boeing company, has been a leading name in aviation training and navigation services for decades. Their charts, manuals, and training materials are regarded as some of the best in the industry, combining thorough research with user-friendly presentation.

Key Components of the Kit :

  • Textbook: The Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual is an expansive volume that covers everything from basic aerodynamics to navigation techniques and weather. The manual is known for its:
    • High-quality, full-color illustrations that simplify complex concepts.
    • Real-world scenarios to contextualize theoretical knowledge.
    • Thoughtfully organized chapters that follow a logical training sequence.
  • Flight Computer (E6B): A vital tool for flight planning and in-flight calculations, Jeppesen’s E6B is designed to be:
    • Durable, crafted from high-quality materials to endure regular use.
    • User-friendly, with clear instructions and markings to assist in quick computations.
    • Accompanied by a comprehensive guide, ensuring students understand its multifaceted uses.
  • Plotter: An essential tool for chart navigation, the Jeppesen plotter offers:
    • Accurate scale for sectional and WAC charts.
    • A clear, transparent design for easy reading of underlying information.
  • Logbook: Every pilot’s record keeper. The Jeppesen logbook is:
    • Designed in compliance with FAA regulations.
    • Durable with quality binding and pages.
    • Provides space for comprehensive entry details, ensuring a meticulous record of flight experience.
  • FAR/AIM Manual: An indispensable resource that contains:
    • The most up-to-date Federal Aviation Regulations.
    • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) sections crucial for pilot knowledge.
    • Tabbed sections for easy reference.
  • Test Prep Guide: An invaluable resource for students gearing up for their FAA written exams. The guide:
    • Contains numerous practice questions based on actual FAA test questions.
    • Provides detailed explanations for each question, ensuring comprehension.
    • Organizes questions by subject, making focused study sessions easier.

Additional Features :

  • Flight Bag: The kit often includes a sturdy bag that neatly fits all the materials, making it convenient for transport to and from flight school or the airport.
  • Online Resources: Jeppesen’s training system often integrates with online tools and resources, providing students with interactive lessons, quizzes, and more.


  • Comprehensiveness: Jeppesen has long been a trusted name in aviation. Their kit is vast, encompassing textbooks, flight computer, plotter, and more.
  • Integrated Online and Offline Materials: The kit features a mix of printed textbooks and online resources, enabling students to learn at their preferred pace.
  • High-Quality Visuals: Jeppesen is known for its detailed and informative charts and illustrations which can be invaluable for visual learners.


  • Price: The Jeppesen kit leans on the pricier side, which might be a barrier for some students.
  • Volume of Material: The comprehensiveness can be overwhelming, especially for those looking for a quick-start guide.

Conclusion : The Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit is a thorough package designed to guide aspiring pilots from their first lesson through to their private pilot checkride. While it might be on the pricier side compared to other kits, many users find the depth and quality of the materials to be worth the investment. As always, it’s crucial for students to evaluate their learning style and training needs when choosing any training material.

Gleim Private Pilot Kit

Gleim Private Pilot Kit review

Founded by Dr. Irvin Gleim, Gleim Publications has been aiding students in various professional fields, including aviation, for decades. Their materials are known for a systematic approach, emphasizing self-study and clear objectives.

Key Components of the Kit :

  • Flight Bag:
    • A sturdy and organized way to carry all your essential flight training materials, ensuring that everything from textbooks to headsets has its place.
  • Flight Computer (E6B): Gleim’s E6B is designed for ease-of-use and accuracy. It offers:
    • Clear markings to simplify calculations.
    • Sturdy construction.
    • An accompanying guide to ensure new students can grasp its varied functions.
  • FAR/AIM Manual: A must-have reference for any pilot, this manual provides:
    • Current Federal Aviation Regulations tailored for private pilots.
    • Relevant sections of the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM).
    • An intuitive layout with indexed sections, ensuring quick referencing.
  • Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep book: This guide stands out for its:
    • Detailed breakdown of each flight maneuver, complete with illustrations.
    • Insights into what flight examiners expect during the practical test.
    • Strategies to master both basic and complex maneuvers.
  • Knowledge Test Prep book: An essential study tool, it offers:
    • A structured study program, guiding students through each knowledge area.
    • Practice questions based on real FAA test items.
    • Comprehensive explanations to ensure understanding, not just rote memorization.
  • Pilot Logbook: An organized and compliant way to document flight experience, the logbook:
    • Adheres to FAA regulations.
    • Offers ample space for detailed entries, endorsements, and notes.
    • Features a durable design to withstand years of use.

Additional Features :

  • Online Ground School: Many Gleim kits provide access to their online ground school, an interactive platform that includes:
    • Video lectures.
    • Quizzes and exams that mimic the style and content of the FAA’s tests.
    • Performance tracking to identify areas needing further study.
  • Test Prep Software: Similar to the online ground school but focused more on preparing for the FAA written exam, the software offers:
    • Hundreds of practice questions.
    • Detailed answer explanations.
    • Performance analytics to help target weak areas.


  • Structured Learning: Gleim follows a step-by-step learning approach, which many find systematic and easy to follow.
  • Test Prep: Their kit excels in preparing students for FAA written exams, with numerous practice questions and simulated exams.
  • Affordability: Compared to Jeppesen, Gleim offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.


  • Lacks Visual Depth: Some users feel that Gleim’s visuals aren’t as detailed as they’d like, especially when compared to Jeppesen.
  • Physical Tools: The kit is more geared towards online learning, and some students might miss the tangible tools like plotters and flight computers.

Conclusion : The Gleim Private Pilot Kit stands out for its organized, systematic approach to flight training. It’s designed to guide students through each stage of their journey, from their first lesson to the day they earn their private pilot certificate. The combination of traditional resources with digital tools ensures a comprehensive learning experience. As with any kit, it’s essential to assess individual learning styles and preferences, but Gleim’s reputation and methodical approach make it a strong contender for many aspiring aviators.

ASA Complete Private Pilot Kit

ASA Private Pilot Kit review

ASA has been at the forefront of pilot training for many years, offering a range of books, software, and training materials designed with both student pilots and instructors in mind. Their approach combines tradition with technology, ensuring that all facets of flight training are covered.

Key Components of the Kit :

  • Textbook (The Pilot’s Manual): This comprehensive manual delves into all topics essential for private pilots. It boasts:
    • Clear, concise language that’s easy to understand.
    • High-quality illustrations and real-world photography to enhance comprehension.
    • Practical scenarios to relate theoretical knowledge to real flight experiences.
  • Flight Computer (E6B): An essential tool for navigation and flight planning, the ASA E6B offers:
    • Durable metal construction for long-lasting use.
    • A clearly marked interface, facilitating quick and accurate computations.
    • An instructional manual to help beginners navigate its functions.
  • Plotter: Essential for chart reading and flight planning, ASA’s plotter features:
    • Scales compatible with sectional, WAC, and TAC charts.
    • Transparent material, allowing easy visualization of underlying chart details.
    • A simple, straightforward design to assist in accurate course plotting.
  • FAR/AIM Manual: This book is crucial for all pilots, containing:
    • The latest Federal Aviation Regulations pertinent to private pilots.
    • Relevant sections of the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM).
    • A user-friendly layout with indexed tabs for quick referencing.
  • Oral Exam Guide: A tool designed to help students prepare for the oral exam during their checkride. The guide:
    • Presents possible examiner questions along with comprehensive answers.
    • Offers insights into what examiners are looking for during the test.
    • Is organized by topic, allowing students to focus on specific areas of study.
  • Practical Test Standards: This booklet outlines:
    • The standards against which private pilot candidates will be tested during their checkride.
    • Clear, methodical breakdowns of each maneuver and knowledge area.
    • Expectations for both the oral and flight portions of the test.
  • Logbook: Every flight’s record is meticulously kept in this logbook. It is:
    • Designed to be compliant with FAA regulations.
    • Constructed with durability in mind, with a sturdy binding.
    • Well-organized, allowing for detailed entry of flight details and endorsements.

Additional Features :

  • Test Prep Software: The kit often includes software or online access that provides a plethora of practice questions for the FAA written exam. With detailed explanations and performance tracking, it’s a valuable tool for exam preparation.
  • Flight Bag: Most kits come with a flight bag, ensuring all materials are kept organized and easily transportable.
  • Well-Rounded Approach: ASA strikes a balance between Jeppesen’s comprehensiveness and Gleim’s structured approach. The kit offers a mix of online and offline resources.
  • Practical Tools: ASA includes essential flight tools, making it great for students who appreciate hands-on learning.
  • Interactive Learning: Their online portal is interactive, with quizzes, videos, and other multimedia resources.


  • Well-Rounded Approach: ASA strikes a balance between Jeppesen’s comprehensiveness and Gleim’s structured approach. The kit offers a mix of online and offline resources.
  • Practical Tools: ASA includes essential flight tools, making it great for students who appreciate hands-on learning.
  • Interactive Learning: Their online portal is interactive, with quizzes, videos, and other multimedia resources.


  • User Interface: Some students feel that ASA’s online portal is not as intuitive as it could be, particularly when navigating between modules.
  • Depth: While ASA provides a well-rounded experience, some users feel that certain topics lack the depth provided by Jeppesen.

Conclusion : The ASA Complete Private Pilot Kit is an all-encompassing package for those eager to earn their wings. Its blend of traditional materials with digital resources provides a well-rounded training experience. While individual learning preferences always play a part in choosing training materials, the ASA kit offers quality and comprehensiveness that many find beneficial throughout their training journey.

Final Thoughts

The path to earning your private pilot certificate is an exhilarating one, and the right training kit can make all the difference. Each of the three kits – Jeppesen, Gleim, and ASA – have their strengths and weaknesses. Your choice will hinge on your learning style, budget, and the tools you find most valuable.

For comprehensive learners, Jeppesen’s extensive materials might be the best fit. If you’re seeking structured, exam-focused preparation, Gleim is a stellar choice. For a balanced approach, with a blend of both worlds, ASA stands out.

Remember, soaring in the skies requires dedication, passion, and the right tools. Whichever kit you choose, ensure it aligns with your learning style and goals.

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