Crosswind take-off

Crosswind Take off procedure

Crosswind takeoff


  • How to take off with cross wind.


  • Most of the time you land with at least a slight croswwind.


  • Take-off
  • Side slip

Review questions

  • What’s the purpose of side slip ?
  • What’s the procedure for entry and recovery from a side-slip?
  • Why do we take off into the wind?
  • Why do we use right rudder during a climb?

Headwind/crosswind calculations

  • The angle between the runway and the wind direction.
  • In METAR, TAF, FD the wind are given in true direction but runway orientation are given in magnetic direction. Add or subtract variation as required.
  • Variable wind:
    • If focusing on headwind component use the lowest wind speed.
    • If focusing on crosswind component use the highest wind speed.

Basic theory

  • The technique used during the initial takeoff roll in a crosswind is generally the same as used in a normal takeoff, except that the aileron control must be held INTO the crosswind. This raises the aileron on the upwind wing to impose a downward force on the wing to counteract the lifting force of the crosswind, and prevents that wing from rising.
  • As the aileron’s effectiveness increases and the crosswind component of the relative wind becomes less effective, it will be necessary to reduce the aileron pressure gradually to keep the wings level.
  • Flaps = more rolling tendency

Crosswind Takeoff procedures

  • Flaps 0 degrees (check POH)
  • Line up on runway centerline, nose wheel straight.
  • Hold full aileron into the wind.
  • Full power smoothly.
  • Continue to hold aileron into the wind and reduce deflection as speed increases.
  • Use right rudder to offset torque effect.
  • Rotate at a speed slightly higher than normal.
  • At a safe altitude turn into the wind (crab) to correct for the drift.
  • Climb on centerline.
Crosswind takeoff

Review questions

  • You are ready for takeoff, the wind come from your left side headwind, which position do you choose for the ailerons ?
  • What do you have to take into consideration when calculating crosswind components from winds reported in a METAR?
  • How are controls positioned and altered to counter for a crosswind?

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